Architectural Design

Over the last 6 years, SABS has worked on planning, designing, construction documentation of various projects that include offices, banks, data centers, cultural buildings, shopping malls, hotels and retail format stores. SABS's expertise and competencies include detailed architectural design, civil, structural and MEP engineering, construction and zoning laws. SABS team consists of qualified architects from reputed colleges who have great sense of aesthetics, volumetric analysis and spatial planning, understand the client’s requirements. We offer following Architectural Services:

  • Schematic Design drawings based on Concept
  • Design Development and Detail Engineering Contract and Construction
  • Documents Building Information
  • Modeling (BIM) Support 
  • Plan Check Services
  • Paper to CAD Conversions
  • As – Built drawings

Enumerated below is a short list of DD and CD Construction Document series:

  • A0-series: Cover Sheet
  • A1-series: Sheet Information, Fire Safety Plan, Site Plan Etc.
  • A2-series: Plan ( Overall & Detailed )
  • A3-series: Elevations
  • A4-series: Sections
  • A5-series: RCP & RCP Details
  • A6-series: Vertical Circulation (Staircase, Lifts etc)
  • A7-series: Interior Details
  • A8-series: Exterior Details
  • A9-Notes & Specifications