BIM Support ( Building Information Modelling )

  • BIM is a cumulative digital representation of physical and functional characteristics of a facility in the built environment. BIM is a shared knowledge resource containing information about a facility.
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM) support services at SABS, enhancing "Intelligent" production capabilities in order to reduce project cost, increase profitability, save time, and limit the potential for conflict between the disciplines.
  • SABS has been giving Services or  BIM platform for past 1-5 years.


Advantages and challenges of BIM

  • Better coordination: Coordination is not as difficult as with 2D drawings. BIM - software can highlight interferences immediately.
  • Less man-hours: This translates to more efficient costing for the office (client).
  • Greater productivity : The daily input per man-hour is of higher quality, so that the output is advanced further.
  • Better quality design and detailing: More time spent on design and less time spent on drafting.
  • Control of project information: The BIM database, when used to its fullest advantage, will become the central source for all project information.
  • Opens up new markets: The database that is the model gives rise to new services for architects to take advantage of, such as cost estimating, scheduling, and imaging.