Why Offshoring from SABS

  • SABS has a vision to become one of the leading offshore Computer Aided Design and Building Information Modelling production unit for architecture and engineering Services firms all over the world.
  • Our studio / office is capable of executing a comprehensive range of documentation services for architecture, interior design, and all other allied building engineering services like Structural, Electrical, HVAC and Public Health Engineering.
  • The nature of the projects being dealt are retail, corporate, hospitality, healthcare, commercial, residential, institutional and educational as well as Infrastructure.
  • SABS has a team of professionals who have worked on international projects and are well versed with international standards.
How it will help the Client ?  
  • In a rapidly globalizing world, the key to succss lies in
  • Reducing costs of labour & infrastructure costs upto 70 %.
  • Improving efficiency.
  • No additional cost on insurance & other support services at client end.
  • Exploiting every technological breakthrough and being responsive to the needs of the clients.
  • Robust communication infrastructure with high bandwidth data transfer.
  • Excellent English speaking workforce.
  • Reduction in project documentation time, thus improving efficiency and profit margin.
  • You can put more resources on designing and other related tasks and leave drafting & Co-ordination tasks to us. This we feel is imperative for every firm that wants to expand operations and enhance capabilities. In a fiercely competitive environment, we can provide you with the superior advantage
How Offshoring will work for you  
  • The process starts when the prospective client approaches through any of the channels :
  • Mail
  • Telephone / Fax
  • Through our Website
  • FTP-either Client or ours
  • The client conveys the initial scope of services desired along with necessary design information to SABS in either digital or hard copy.
  • A reference set of similar project is also made available so that a standard set of information are used.
  • In consultation with the client, a list of deliverables is developed while simultaneously calculating the number of man-hours required for completing the task. Once both parties concur on the same, a Service Agreement is drawn up. A common set of technical and graphic parameters is established and a schedule is drawn up for time-bound and periodic delivery of drawings, as per the clients requirements.
Our Skills  
  • SABS maintains its Head Office at Noida with a team of around 30 talented, technically skilled Architects & Engineers, all are well conversant with English Language. All are knowledge based professionals who execute technical drawings and detail design development in a satisfying environment.
  • In an industry marked by high employee attrition, SABS endeavours to maintain an expanding but stable workforce of architects, interior designers, building and allied services engineers, CAD operators, 3-D artists and animators, IT technicians and administrators.
  • We use latest software & techniques to stay competitive.
  •  Regular training sessions are done to update the skills of our workforce.
  • State of the Art communication facilities ensure that there is no gap between our perception and the Clients requirements.
  • A combination of e-mail, FTP links, web cam conferences, video conferences or VOIP-enabled phone calls systems are in place.
  • It is our aim to provide you with a high quality product in a time bound manner.
Low Cost  
  • Increased productivity without expanding on facilities, insurance, payroll benefits and constant upgradation at your end by offloading the documentation and related field works to us.
  •  It results up to 70 % of savings for the client in terms of time & costs.
Time Factor  
  • Extended working hours and online services make an extension of your own office at a significant low cost. We work while you sleep.
  • Appropriate time-zone difference with the West makes an extension of your own setup , running 24 hours a day.
Equipment & facilities  
  • The office at Noida operate from fully equipped and computerized work environment with latest system configurations ( both Hardware & Software).
  • All workstations are linked through a networking system on NT platform. 100% document output is on computer systems.
  • SABS is also connected through a high speed broadband Internet connection. We have provided our staff with the best and latest software packages like AutoCAD 2008, 2009 Revit Architecture 2008, 2009 Sketch up and other related Graphical & Presentation Packages . and other equipments like latest Printers, Plotters, Scanners, Projectors, Digital Camera etc