Structural Engineering

At SABS, our mission is to provide our clients with innovative solutions to their diverse project and challenging jobs in the field of structural engineering.

  • Maintain high technical standards and provide quality solutions.
  • Reinforced Concrete 2D Detailing and Schedules of Reinforcement etc.
  • Structural Steel Detailing as per American and British Standards. Analysis of Structures on the basis of 3D Model Generation for Earthquake, Wind, Temperature and the effect of Shrinkage & Creep.
  • For detailing and analysis of structures which requires Bar Bending Schedules (BBS) - for our International Clients - We prefer CADS RC Software which is compliant with BS 8666-2005.
  • For National Clients we generally provide detail design as per the latest codes like IS-456,IS-800, Earthquake detailing Code IS 13920, SP-34 and all other relevant Codes which helps us in providing qualitative and economical solutions.