Site Grading with Cut & Fill Calculations

For contoured sites and project with many levels it can be a challenge for cut fill analysis. Implementing a BIM process for site design helps with the creation of coordinated, reliable design information about the project. Modern 3D scanning processes elevates the site accuracy to new levels not achievable in conventional surveying techniques. Integration of thi s data in the site model results in an intelligent 3-D model of the site in which elements of the design are related to each other dynamically with a rich set of information and the attributes associated with it. This information is readily available from the conceptual stage of the design. This would be especially beneficial for achieving LEED points in top soil conservation.

For example, perhaps halfway through a road design project the profile needs adjustments to a vertical curve and the grades. By adjusting the profile, all of the related design elements update automatically, allowing the designer instantly to see the impact to cut and fill and right-of-way.

An example is the Al Bayt Stadium where a design objective was to reduce cut and fill to a almost negligible quantities.