BIM Collaboration and documentation setup.

BIM Collaboration and documentation setup.

The process of BIM Plan preparation, is very important especially when collaboration is intended between various consultants. In case of large scale projects, BIM model management and linking is crucial to the success of the project.

A Pre Contract BIM plan should include
A project implementation plan with the details and stating the capability and competence of the collaborators
Goals for collaboration and information modelling.
Project milestones in line with the project programme
Deliverable strategy.

The post contract-award BIM Execution Plan sets out how the information required in the Employer’s Information Requirements will be provided-

Roles, responsibilities and authorities.
Project milestones in line with the project programme.
Deliverable strategy.
Survey strategy.
Existing legacy data use.
Approval of information.
Authorisation process.

Planning and documentation:
Revised project implementation plan (PIP) confirming the capability of the supply chain.
Agreed processes for collaboration and modelling.
Agreed matrix of responsibilities.
Task Information Delivery Plan (TIDP) setting out responsibility for delivery of each supplier’s information.
Master Information Delivery Plan (MIDP) setting out when project information is to be prepared, by whom and using what protocols and procedures.

Standard method and procedure:
Volume strategy.
Origin and orientation.
File naming convention.
Layer naming convention.
Construction tolerances.
Drawing sheet templates.
Annotation, dimensions, abbreviations and symbols.
Attribute data.

IT solutions:
Software versions.
Exchange formats.
Process and data management systems.