Our built form affect us and we affect the built form

Al Bayt Stadium

It’s a new stadium project for FIFA WC semifinal to be held in Qatar. Literally meaning “Home”, it was conceptualized on the basis of traditional camel hair tent Structure used by the desert tribes. The Stadium is covered with synthetic fabric resting on Massive Steel Structure. Total site area is around 1.3 million sqm with built up area of 75000 sqm, and seating 65000 spectators. The basic facilities are-Players’ lounge, dressing rooms, FIFA officials Rooms, VIP/VVIP Lounges, administrative areas along with Retail and restaurant spaces. An interesting feature of this stadium is that it has a modular aspect and will be descaled to seat 35000 spectators after the culmination of the games. The ASMEPF Model was created to calculate Quantities and trade coordination. Initially 6500 Clashes were traced, which were reduced to 100 after series of Design workshops and MEP design Changes. It was well received by client as they got clash free Services and Quantity validation which in turn will be of massive use during Construction phase.

Al Thumama

It’s a Mixed Landuse project with Residential, Shopping Mall, Club, Hotel and a Mosque Building. Total site area 162813 sqm and total built up area is 24300 sqm. A+S Model was developed for all buildings for QS purpose and BOQ validation. The Revit generated BOQ was more accurate as compared to the conventional Methods.

Al Bayt Stadium Energy Center

Energy Center Building caters to all Electrical & Power needs of 65000 capacity Al Byat Stadium and Retail Building. It also supplies power to the Massive Landscape area. It has got area of 2500 sqm and a basement with Ice-chambers for utilizing the lower power tariffs at night. MEP was a major task along with A+S Modeling, trade coordination and Quantity take-offs.

Children’s Mall

As the name suggests, it’s a Mall especially for Children, so the design intended to have different architectural statement. The designerhad conceptualized this to be shaped like a Gift box with a roll-up card. Conventional CAD platform to produce GFC drawings was not appropriate as the shape was very complicated. So BIM was developed to generate Architectural GFC drawings, which in turn saved a lot of time in drawing production. Total Built-up area is 3600 sqm with 5 Floors.

Concept Designs

Various Model have been attempted in Revit for Concept Generation purpose for various National & International Competitions. Revit was very handy & turnaround time for complete

Al Arabi Stadium

Major Renovation Project for Practice Matches FIFA QC 2022 at Qatar, 14500 capacities with a site area of 97287 sqm. A major challenge in the renovation was the concept of outdoor cooling in the bleachers and the playing area. Scope of work included ASMEP Model including façade and roof redesign, Clash Detection / resolution and GFC drawing production. It has got complicated façade form which was challenge to conceptualize, and document but use of Revit made the job easier. In this exercise Revit was utilized from Day 1 of the design exercise to analyze he various concepts. BIM was a major aid in concept selection.

Al Bayt Stadium External Works

The area adjoining the Al Bayt Stadium has been visualized as a majot outdoor recreational hub. With a massive site spread over a million sqm area, it has unique architectural and landscape elements like Petals and reflection pools, sunken plazas walkways, jogging tracks, practice fields along with utilities massive STP, Water tanks, Storm water tanks, traffic control Booths, VVIP ramps etc. We did ASMEP Model, trade coordination and quantity extraction. Major advantage of the BIM exerciseis the ability to extract cut & fill quantities very easily and accurately, which is a cumbersome task via traditional method.

Fitness Center at Katara

Fitness Club consists of areas like Gym, Spa Jacuzi with Swimming Pool and other related areas. It has got transparent dome. Total area 2578 sqm and capacity for 250 people. A+S Model was done for Visualization and clashes between architecture / structure.

Khartoum Airport Terminal

It’s a new Terminal building with a area of 5600 sqm for Existing Airport with Visitors Lounges, Immigration Counters and other ancillary areas. It has got Vault shaped roof with massive glazing in front. A+S Model and GFC drawings were extracted.

Retail Building at Al Khor

Form of the building is curvilinear with partly earth sheltered. Total area is around 25000 sq m. Scope was ASMEP MODEL, trade coordination and quantity take off.

Hampton Inn

A+S Model was created to make GFC drawings. Project was located in the United States. It has got Visitors Rooms, Lounge, kitchens and restaurant with dry construction technology and Colonial Design Elements for Elevation.

Khallifa Stadium Sightlines Study

A+S Model was created to make a sightlines study. As per FIFA guidelines there has to be a view range for each and every spectator sitting in the stadium, with a maximum and minimum tolerance limit. Along with other software plug-ins, it has been concluded that many of the seats are not falling in that criteria, thus has to redesigned. BIM was handy to do this study in a quick manner, saved a lot of time.

Qatar University Library Building

Scope of work was to renovate Interior Spaces along with modification in Architecture like proposing new staircases demolition of areas etc. Conventional CAD drawing option was superseded by Revit as the existing building got many levels and a hexagonal form. A+S Model with Interior Finishes was created to A+S Coordination and visualizing Interiors. Total Area is around 6500 sqm with 8 Levels.

Al Gharaffa Stadium

Al Gharaffa Stadium Complex is an existing Stadium with a capacity of 22000 people and a total area of 30,860 sq.m. It is being majorly renovated for Practice Matches for FIFA WC 2022, to accommodate retail spaces, lounges, enhancing Administrative areas, Façade and roof redevelopment. The major challenge was the outdoor cooling setup. Apart from As-built Model, ASMEP Model at LOD 350 was developed for Clash resolutions and generating GFC drawings. It was challenging to develop MEP model as it has got Outdoor Cooling System.As in the Arabi exercise, BIM t was utilized from the conceptual stage of the design exercise to analyze he various concepts. BIM was a major aid in concept selection.ManyRoof Options were generated and analysed through BIM before finally selecting the Football shaped roof. Revit along with other Autodesk software made it easy to construct a BIM Model. For more details about the project please refer to-

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